How to connect Roku TV to wifi without remote

Losing your Roku remote could be devastating and it can happen to anyone. If you are annoyed because of how to connect Roku TV to wifi without remote, this post can help you.  It is useful to find a way to make modifications in the network settings without using a remote.  In this post, we are going to show you some simple steps that can help you with how to connect Roku TV to wifi without remote. So, read the post carefully and follow the simple guidelines to complete the process.

How to connect Roku tv to wifi without remote?

If you want to connect Roku to the internet without a remote, you need to follow the given steps to complete the task.

How to connect Roku TV to wifi without remote

Install the Roku app

The first thing you need to do is to install the Roku application on your smartphone device before you proceed to the workaround. The application serves as a stand-in remote for Roku which allows users to edit the Wi-Fi setup settings as per their preference. The Roku mobile application is available to download on both Google Play Store and Apple iOS Store.

Chrome app extension

 Roku offers the application program interface to third-party developers. Some of them have developed the Chrome extension known as Remoku for Roku.  This extension works just like the  Chrome application, but instead of using the mobile device, a user can simply use the Chrome Browser on their computer.

If the Roku and computer a present on the same network, it will just work like the Roku application

Old WiFi Connection

If you have knowledge about the old Wi-Fi connection, all you need is to trick your Roku device that it is connecting the old Wi-Fi connection. For doing this, you can set up your mobile device are the hotspot and you can use the second device as the controller.

The mobile hotspot and tethering come under the ‘ Network and internet tab’ of the phone settings.  You need to change the name and password of mobile hotspot settings to that of the old network settings of your Roku device.

Once your smartphone Hotspot and Roku device are turned on, on the Roku will connect to the network automatically you can connect the smartphone to Hotspot and then open the Roku app.   Click on the icon to use the remote function and change the Wi-Fi settings following the guidelines mentioned.

Losing your Roku remote could be very annoying if you want to connect your Roku to the new Wi-Fi network. But,  you can successfully complete the  Roku WIFi setup following the troubleshooting steps above. In case,  the mentioned steps are not helping you to fix the problem, contact the Roku experts.  The professional can give you the best advice to fix the Roku issues and make sure that you have the desired experience of using the Roku services.  The professionals are available all around the clock to help you, to contact them anytime you want.