How to Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote

Amazon Fire Stick is an amazing device used for streaming movies, series, television shows, etc.  A user can even watch Live events with a FireStick.  However, in order to make your TV smart like the FireStick, you need to pair a remote to the FireStick. If you don’t know how to connect new remote to FireStick, this post can help you. By learning the connectivity process, you can connect the remote and binge-watch your favorite shows and channels whenever you want.  In this post, we are going to share simple step-by-step guidelines that can help you to know how to connect new remote to FireStick. So, read on and follow the simple steps to complete the task.

How to Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote

How to Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote?

To pair the FireStick remote, you need to press the Home button for at least 3 seconds.  Once you do this, you will see a light present on the top of the remote start to blink. On-screen messages for 3 blue flashlights will indicate that the pairing attempt is successful.

FireStick automatically gets paired with the Fire TV.  All you need is to; turn on the television and stream your favorite content.  However, there are chances that your remote may lose the connection sometimes with your TV, so, try pairing it manually.

Below is the step by step instructions that can help you to pair the Fire remote manually:

  • First of all, you need to unplug the FireStick from the electric outlet and wait for at least one minute.

  • After this, you can remove the battery from the FireStick remote and re-insert them in a while.  In case, you have an extra set of batteries, you can replace them with the old ones at this point.

  • Now you need to plug in the FireStick to the power outlet.

  • When the device starts, you need to press and hold the home button present on the remote to start the pairing mode.

  • Now you need to wait for the lights to blink on the remote. The light from the top will start blinking rapidly.  Once your remote is prepared, you will see the three blue flashes.

The best thing about FireStick is that users can compare it with any of the third-party compatible remotes.  You can ask the seven remote controls to your streaming device.  If you have reached the limit, you need to unpair one of the old remotes to make a space or a new one. You can also use your smartphone as the Firestick remote, but you are recommended to do so only when you have no other option left.  Always prefer to use the remote first and then go for the other alternative options.

We hope that after following these simple guidelines you would get to know how to connect new remote to a FireStick. All the mentioned steps are very simple and easy to follow.  But if you are still unable to connect the remote, or there is some other technical query regarding the process, contact the experts. The team of professionals is available around the clock to help you with the best possible solution to fix your problem, so contact them any time you want.